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SALES STRATEGY: magnum has adopted 3 (three) way distribution sales strategy to boost up the sales and market share of the different products being marketing by them:-

Corporate sales – Being controlled by Manager (Sales & Marketing) with a 6 (six) members team being operated in the head office. This team is targeting the institution & official sales through personal solicitations and tender participations.

Sales thru own show rooms – magnum is the owner of 23 showrooms now operations – the main jobs of the managers of the show rooms to target the selected and classed customers. All our showrooms are staffed by well trained Manager, Asst. Manager and equipped with telephone, fax & mobile. All showrooms are given with a monthly sales target. We are planning to develop network system connecting all our show rooms in Bangladesh. We have a plan to establish more 10 new show rooms around the country in next year.

Sales thru area-wise Dealers – in addition to our own show rooms, we have nominated dealers in each and every district and upozilla towns to develop the sales of different products. All dealers is given with a sales target to be achieved quarterly.
We also offer very special sales packages to our show rooms managers and dealers time to time to boost up the sales of different products, specially the newly introduced products.




Being a distributors and sellers of house hold appliances, we have a well organized “after sales service” team. Our “after sales service” dept. is being controlled by a experienced and well-trained services manager and with some other experienced and skilled technicians. Our services dept. honour the call of any customers from 9.00 am to 9.00 PM.

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